Ukrainian charity project

We create an adaptation program and produce mobile houses for the families displaced from their homes because of the war in Ukraine.

Reports and presentations

11.3 million Ukrainians lost their homes to war.

Until the Russian attack, it was common for Ukrainians to have their own homes. Today, millions of Ukrainians are forced to live in subways, gyms, other people’s homes, destroyed houses, and if they are lucky, in container towns.

Vsimdim Solution

We have created an adaptation program that will help the family return to normal life.

  1. Temporary housing: homes are 100% ready for occupancy, have all the amenities and can be placed anywhere where there is access to jobs and infrastructure.
  2. Psychological assistance: stabilization and independence.
  3. Helping families find a job.
Діти граються на майданчику Inhabitants mount tents Cloths hang drying in the sun

What is important to us?


The mobile home is equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom.

The team was not only concerned with providing a roof over the heads when creating it, but also with giving the family back a sense of security and comfort.

Hi-tech interior solution Comfort for the whole family Comfortable bathroom Comfortable bathroom

Integration and Adaptation

Psychological assistance, helping to find a job and integration into the city or local community. We are offering 3-10 house settlements close to the infrastructure. With jobs, kindergartens, schools, stores, and hospitals nearby, the family has the opportunity to return to normal life.

Vsimdim in a block Vsimdim in country Vsimdim surrounded with gardens


In case of unforeseen circumstances, the mobile home can be easily moved to another region or another country; or wherever a family member has been offered a job.

Offroaders carrying Vsimdim trailers An offroader carrying a Vsimdim trailer A Vsimdim trailer

An example of a 9-home settlement

Settlement plan 3D projection

How can I help?

We believe in the power of small actions and the significance of each donation.

The cost of producing a house for a family of 4 is $19,000. That amount is made up of a bunch of little ones, so every contribution is important.

People around us today are doing amazing things and these things are all composed of small acts of kindness that ordinary people do!