Vsimdim is a mobile home with all the necessary amenities

More about Vsimdim

Vsimdim is a factory-made mobile home for temporary housing.

It comes 100% ready to use with appliances and furniture.

Made of environmentally friendly and fireproof materials and is suitable for year-round residence.

  1. Two-circuit boiler
  2. Toilet
  3. Recuperator/Fan
  4. Shower 80/90
  5. Storage space
  6. Fridge
  7. Full-fledged kitchen area
  8. Double bed
    or optionally 2 separate beds
  9. Transformer-table
  10. Radiator
  11. Storage space
  12. 2 separate beds


Vsimdim is a small house of 12.5 m². It has everything for comfortable temporary housing. Its own bedroom, its own kitchen, bathroom, and personal and storage space.

Construction and materials

  1. Sandwich panel construction
  2. Sandwich panel construction
  3. Water storage tanks (Option)
  4. Chassis (Option)
  5. Sandwich panel construction
  6. Furniture-quality toned plywood
  7. Sandwich panel construction
  8. Wooden floor
  9. XPS insulation
  10. Sandwich panel construction
  11. Steel frame-panel
  12. Gravel filling

Energy efficiency

Vsimdim houses with independent heating are designed for year-round comfortable living.

Due to the fact that the house is well insulated, it needs only a small source of heat.

Saving Water

Why save water?

Not every site is suitable for connecting to water supply and sewerage. Sometimes building such facility lines is unreasonably expensive, particularly if you're planning to house no more than 5 families.

Construction of local wastewater treatment plants is one of the biggest costs in settlements. The more water a family uses, the higher sewage capacity you'll need — and the higher the construction cost will be.

How do we plan to save water?

A mobile home.

Any Vsimdim house can be further equipped and turned into an autonomous house on wheels.

Our dream is that after the war the Ukrainians and the whole world will travel comfortably around Ukraine, admiring the beauty and variety of our nature, and getting to know the Ukrainian culture and each other.

Vsimdim residents relax by the fire. SUVs drive Vsimdim homes up a scenic hillside.

The cost of the house

The cost of an installed house is $19,000.

To make the house mobile and fully autonomous, you can additionally install a chassis and autonomous communications at a cost of $3,500 to $10,000, depending on the equipment.

Today, Vsimdim has focused its production capacity on providing people who are in the biggest need with temporary housing, at net cost. If you want to buy a house for yourself or your dear, send a message to our Svitanok core project.