We believe that the strength of a nation is determined by how its most vulnerable members feel.

Vsimdim's goal is not just to give displaced families temporary housing, but to help them return to normal life.

5 Steps of Our Work

The NGO Vsimdim is a platform aimed at joining land donors, local authorities, funding donors, and organizations supervising the settlement of families in need of temporary housing.

Who is our program for?

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How to Avoid Repeating the Existing Experience?

The Existing Experience

Container towns are extensive settlements built wherever vacant land plots were available.

People live far away from social life. Since the community is isolated, it is difficult for them to become integrated into society, to find a job, a school or a kindergarten. The settlement turns into a closed commune. Radical attitudes begin to form.

Sometimes toilet, shower, and kitchen are communal and are located 50 metres away from a residential container. There is a lack of private space.

A residential container can’t be relocated because it doesn’t have facilities of its own.

Since people fail to socially adapt, get jobs and save money, they don't leave these temporary settlements. The containers without decent facilities become people’s homes for 8-9 years.


Micro-settlements are located in areas with available infrastructure and jobs for specific professions.

Homes are located in a city or town just like other permanent homes in the area. People can use public transport, and commute to work or school, and residents have access to police, hospitals, social services, etc.

The houses are equipped with private toilets, showers and kitchens. A family will have their own small but personal space of their own.

The house can be quickly moved without the use of a crane to where there is work and the possibility of further development of the family.

Because families feel part of the community, they enjoy all the opportunities it provides and strive to make the best of it. They have the strength to work and move on to having their own proper housing.

Houses after the victory

When families move into new permanent housing in a few years, our houses will continue to serve charitable purposes such as:

Vsimdim Projects




Settled Families

Test building

3 houses

Usivka settlement

1 house

About us

In 2021, we created a prefab house startup Svitanok, inspired by the dreams of freedom of travel and the desire to be alone with nature. But with the outbreak of war, we had to adapt the project to the new realities and make it suitable for rapid mass production.

This is how the Vsimdim project appeared, producing and providing mobile houses for people who lost their homes during the Russian-Ukrainian war.


Кирило Ярко


Михайло Хомовський

Головний конструктор та менеджер команди проєктувальників. Досвід у проєктуванні — 7 років. Співзасновник проєктного бюро, що працює на іноземні ринки. Працював з prefab-проєктами для клієнтів з США та Канади.

Іван Дубовський


Таня Каменєва


Олександра Нікітенко


Марія Целік


Аліна Єсаян


Аліса Куценко


Андрій Павлов


Ольга Костюченко

Воля і Каця

Воля Міхнович і Каця Хіневич


Ліза Старченко